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You always want to be on top!

S Hunt - Norton, VA

With this new bulb I plan to stay on till Christmas.

linda - ca

"Yikes, my hemorrhoids are really inflamed!"

Cary Antebi - Brooklyn, NY

The rumors are true: I'm in love with a bubble light!

Quark - Deep South

That was Morse Code for "You guys are not very bright!"

Quark - Deep South

I'll be ohm for Christmas."

David Winger - Woodland Hills, CA

"You guys better shape up, I've just been promoted to branch manager."

James Reardon - North Hollywood, CA

"I'll be ready to go, soon as I spruce up!"

James Reardon - North Hollywood, CA

"I'm hooked on LED, you guys should try it!"

James Reardon - North Hollywood, CA

I've been told I have a glow about me!


If I were a superhero I would be... The Flash.

Tom W - Lutherville Md

Looks like we all came up with a bright idea


Stop flashing me


"How can I say no? If one of us goes out, we all go out."

Frank Monaco - Coconut Creek, Florida

I wish those annoying fireflies would stop trying to mate with me!

Quark - Deep South

I'm like a god... When I died. All the lights went out... I woke up shining like new and all the lights came back on...

Tom W - Lutherville Md

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