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Our cartoon feature is a unique collaboration between artist and public. I draw the cartoons, and the public writes the captions...hence the name: The Joke's on You. Every week, a different cartoon is posted in our caption contest. Everyone is invited to submit captions. We get a lot of great caption submissions for each cartoon, but only the funniest one makes the cut and becomes available for download and publication in our 'Cartoon Vault' (below).

Our cartoons cover a wide variety of subjects that appeal to nearly every demographic. Each image has up to 4 different versions to choose from (Series 1-4). Each version has a completely different you a variety of options to fit your specific needs.

These cartoons are downloadable in both PNG and PDF formats, and they are are perfect for your newspaper, magazine, weekly, newsletter, bulletin, flyer, etc. They make a great filler and can be sized to fit any space in your publication with no loss of clarity. With all of the cartoons in the Cartoon Vault (and more added every week), you'll never run out of material for your publication. Scroll through the vault and see for yourself.

I do this for the love of the cartoon...not money. That's why I'm willing to give you unlimited access and publication rights to every cartoon in our Cartoon Vault (below). All I ask is that you make a donation from time to time when you download a cartoon to help me maintain this site.

Note: You must have a PDF reader such as 'Adobe Reader' to open the PDF cartoons. If your computer does not yet have 'Adobe Reader,' it can be downloaded free here.

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