How does the contest work?
People from around the world submit captions for the current cartoon. The captions automatically post on the caption contest page and in the Archives. Then everyone is invited to vote for their favorite caption.

After several weeks in the Archives, the person with the funniest caption is chosen the winner. Their name and winning cartoon are posted on caption contest page for public viewing and download. Winning cartoons are then available for syndication with various print publications.

Do you have any captioning tips or suggestions?
Actually, I do have a few...
  • Check out what others have submitted.
    It's a waste of a good caption if someone else has already posted the same thing.

  • Keep 'em clean and in good taste!
    Otherwise, I will delete them.

  • Take note of who (or what) is speaking.
    Two way conversation captions, and captions with the wrong subject speaking just won't fly.

  • Consider the facial expressions.
    Often, a caption is excellent, but it doesn't fit the picture.

    It's irritating...see what I mean?

  • Will it still be funny in 5 years?
    I love topical gags, but they won't be any editor's choice a couple years after the fact.

  • Try not to send long, run on captions.
    When they get too wordy, I can't fit them into the limited space that I have under the cartoon...and still have them remain legible.

  • Come up with a few ideas before posting.
    That way, you can look them over and pick your best five to submit.
Can I publish "The Joke's on You" in my publication?
You sure can! Just click here for information.

Can I publish "The Joke's on You" on my site?! Just follow the instructions, here, and "The Joke's on You" will appear on your site automatically.

How often is a new cartoon posted?
The cartoon that is distributed to other web sites changes daily (Monday through Friday). The only exceptions are occasional holidays and when I take a much needed vacation. For the time being, cartoons for the caption contest are only posted once a week (on Sunday).

Is there a limit to the captions I can submit? are limited to 5 captions per person per cartoon.

Where are the caption submissions posted?
Each time a caption is submitted, it is automatically posted in the Archives.

Is every caption submission posted?
As long as the caption submission isn't obscene or malicious, I'll let it stay. I am a strong advocate of freedom of speech, and I avoid censorship whenever possible.

Why was my caption blocked from being posted?
It could be one of a couple of reasons. If your caption contains common profanity, the server will automatically reject your caption until you reword it. The server also rejects email addresses and website URL's to avoid spammers.

Can I vote for my favorite caption?
Yes. Just go to the Archives, and click on any of the toons displayed. Read the captions and decide which caption you like the best. Then cast your vote at the bottom of each page.

Can I vote for my own caption?
Sure. If you honestly think it's the funniest caption, you should vote for it.

Can I vote for more than one caption per cartoon?
Nope...only one vote per person per cartoon...sorry.

What if someone votes more than once?
Theoretically, anyone could vote for a specific caption several times. Even though voting more than once per cartoon is against the rules, it does happen sometimes. As a result, I reserve the right to make the final decision on the winning captions. Plus, it's easy to tell when someone is 'stuffing the ballot box' (so to speak). When that happens, I typically just disqualify that caption.

What do I win?
Your winning toon is posted in the Cartoon Vault for download and publication in various publications, as well as on hundreds of sites around the net.

How can I get "The Joke's on You" published in my local paper?
Just pick up the phone and give them a call. Speak to the 'Comics & Features' editor. Let them know that you would like them to publish 'The Joke's on You.' Tell them that they can find information at ...specifically here. Your local newspaper is very interested in what their readers want. If enough of their readers respectfully express their desire to have them publish our feature, they will respond.